Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shakesfearean Characters (Visual Aid)

A scene from Django Unchained that reminded me of King Lear, when one of the characters gets his eye's plucked out. Pretty gruesome!

A scene from the movie The Monster Squad that got me the idea of what Caliban from The Tempest would look like. "My name is Horace!"

 A scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream with Nick Bottom transforming into a donkey.

 A scene from The Grudge. I want the same effect with Lavinia, but instead of a jaw-less girl with a tongue hanging out. It will be Lavinia without a tongue!   

 A scene from The Ring. I want Ophelia to have the same effect that The Ring Girl gad in this movie!

A scene from Zombieland. I want Yorick to be like the Zombie Clown. 
"It's time to nut-up or shut up!"

The scene from Richard III that inspired me to have ghosts!

A mix up from Romeo & Juliet and The Walking Dead episode. Juliet Comes back as a Walker!

A scene from Hamlet. I think Ophelia sing this song would be creepy!

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