Friday, March 7, 2014

Top Tragic Tensed Scenes in Shakespeare Plays

When I was watching a lot of Top Tens from Watchmojo, I stumbled upon Top Ten Hilarious Death scenes. It then got me thinking, why don't I do my Top Death Scenes in Shakespeare? So I decided to choose the most memorable from those plays and call it...

Top Tragic Tensed Scenes in Shakespeare Plays:

1- Lavinia- After dealing with Demetrius and Chiron in a most cruel manner, the brothers cut off her hands and even her tongue. Her neck later gets broken by her own father Titus because her chastity being violated.
I have no words for this... except this... Two "stumps" up for her tragic scene and death!

2- Romeo & Juliet- Both lovers couldn't live a day without each other. Quite literally if I may add. I mentioned before that it was all Juliet's fault for Rome's death. Since when has faking your death helped people be together in the end. Have you heard of "Peter and the Wolf"? Tragic tale! Anyway, Romeo assumes Juliet is dead. He then kills himself by drinking poison in order to die beside her in the tomb. When Juliet awakes she finds that Romeo is dead. She tries to drink the poison with hope to meet the same fate, but instead she stabs herself with Romeo's dagger to complete a dual tragedy.

3- Macbeth- Macbeth doesn't have a good head on his shoulders. He boasts about his invincibility as he is going to battle, but because of his pride, karma got the best of him. Instead of keeping the crown safely on his head, his head is cut off and the crown is placed on the head of a new king instead. You'd think that the witches could've given Macbeth more of a heads up for heaven's sake!

4- Ophelia- Ophelia was crying a river, as well as drowning her sorrows while dealing with Hamlet's  emotional vibes, it was hard for her to know if he even loved her. Hearing about how Hamlet killed her father accidentally behind a curtain wasn't helping. Ophelia's mind wasn't flowing with joy at that time. She was talking about bushing up daises before she decided to take a little swim.

5- Polonious- This was clearly an accident. All Polonius had to say was "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" But no, he screamed for "help" and eventually got stabbed to death by Hamlet in the process.

6- Julius Caesar- Caesar didn't have a lot of friends. In fact all of them didn't like him. Even his close friend stabbed him in the back, quite literally if I may add.

7- Demetrius and Chiron- After mutilating Lavinia, Titus decides to "make" something out of them, by having them for dinner!

8- Gloucester- This guy is sight for sore eyes! It is plain to see that this eye popping scene with Gloucester is a sight to behold!

9- Cordelia-Thanks for hanging around for Cordelia. Hopefully you won't need the ropes for this one.

10- Cleopatra- Now this is something you'll really sink you teeth into. Let's just say that Cleopatra might've been on the movie "Snakes on a Plane".

11- Antigonus- Now this is a grizzly and yet random scene. Antigonus from "Winter's Tale" is pursued by "A Godless Killing Machine!" Not a loin, nor tiger; but a bear! Oh My! I can't "bear" to watch!

12- Hamlet- While having a duel, Hamlet gets scratched by at tip of a sword, that happened to be poisoned.

13- Claudius- He gets poisoned two ways by Hamlet. One by getting stabbed with a poisonous sword and the other by drinking the poison that was intended for Hamlet. Could this be the first "Double Tap"?

14- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern- They were killed by pirates. It makes you wonder if they were killed by Bloody Pirates of the Caribbean or the Dread Pirate Roberts?

15- Iago- After deceiving many, especially Othello, he was then tortured to death for his heinous acts!

16- Desdemona-  After being accused of cheating, she is then smothered to death with a pillow by her lover Othello. You think this was the first "pillow fight"?

17- Aaron-  Lucius from Titus Andronicus decides to bury Aaron chest deep, leaving him to die of starvation and thirst. What if Aaron found sand worms.

There you have it! Which Tragic Tensed Scene from Shakespeare Plays did you find memorable?

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