Monday, April 1, 2013

ShakesFEARe FACTOR: To [Pee] or Not to [Pee]!

On Facebook I asked my followers what What was their greatest fear from Horror movies and Spook Alleys, and here are the results:

Lauren D.- The chainsaw at the end. I always know it's coming but I'm convinced that it's going to be some psycho killer that took out the fake guy and is using a real chainsaw prepared to murder everyone while they think it's part of the spook alley.
Also, any time they use anything that's a psych ward. Things that could potentially really happen scare me more than zombies or fictional things.
 Cody M.- Quickly escalating from safety to imminent doom.
 Mary E.- Crazy mumbling people in straight jackets or whatever. Freaks me out.
Jessica L.- When the killer chooses victims randomly based on them being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for some reason I'm less afraid of being specifically targeted based on gender, age, etc and more afraid of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Movie examples: The Hills Have Eyes, The Strangers. For some reason, the random targeting is what really freaks me out.
Kaela J.- I think the unknown is the scariest. As soon as I can see the monster or bad guy they become much less threatening.
Emily A.- People being possessed by demons....
Arianne B.-  I'm jumpy at anything, especially when I know the movie is scary to begin with. Thus, the reason I watch the whole movie between my fingers.
Jacob Y.- The suspense of knowing something is there but not being able to see it or react to it. Think Alfred Hitchcock.
Hayden H.- Extreme silence followed by extremely loud noise and music.
Jake H.- Neither.  I AM INVINCIBLE!
Joel E.-  Danny from The Shining talking to his imaginary friend Tony with his finger.
Maureen E.- The unexpected. Some scary scenes you can kind of see coming. In "Wait Until Dark", for me it is Richard Crenna leaping out unexpectedly at Audrey Hepburn in the kitchen after we supposed he was dead. In "Cape Fear", it is the same thing--- Robert Mitchum coming up out of the water and grabbing Gregory Peck --- after we think he is dead. The scary music is a "prelude" but still, it is unexpected as we "expect" that "we" (yes, us as the viewers) are feeling safe. I don't like gory and gruesome, but I do like a good scare!
Katie P.- When someone jumps out of nowhere! Gets me every time.
Over all, it was fun getting everybody's feedback of what their greatest fear was!  

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