Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shakesfearean Characters

So far these are the main Shakesfearean Characters that will help in the main event! More are still on the way!

Zombie Shakespeare: The Host and Greeter for Shakesfeare!

Titus Andronicus: A blood thirsty cook!

Juliet: A presumed dead problem!

Nick Bottom: A transformed stubborn "Jackass"!

Puck: A mischievous hob goblin!

Hamlet: A vengeful killer gone rogue!

Lavinia: Hands off! She is a speechless dame!

Ophelia: A suicidal princess drowning her sorrows!

Lady Macbeth: There's blood on her hands!

Macbeth Witches: Hags with double the trouble!

Richard III: I have a hunch he's a sly dog!

Richard III Ghosts: A horde of Richard III's bloody past!

Yorick: A bone-chilling court jester back from the dead!

Ariel: A shape-shifting charmer!

Caliban: Half witch, half devil... all trouble!

Demetrius & Chiron: Defilers and murderers!

Julius Caesar: A stab in the dark!

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