Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shakesfeare Logo

With this first idea for the Shakesfeare logo, I wanted the 'f' to stand out, because that is the one letter that makes it different from the obvious original. I wanted the bottom of the 'f' to look like a knife. I also wanted to make the 'e' at the end to look like the side view of a human skull.
With this next one I used a different font. I added the spiderwebs on the "S"and the "a's". I was also thinking how it would look without the human skull, because some people didn't understand that the skull was suppose to look like an 'e'. But I wanted to keep the 'e' at the end to show that the name had a Shakespearean touch.
With this new idea, I wanted to find a font that said "creepy old English font". I decided to extend the end of the 'f' and add blood to the side so that it would still read "Shakesfeare". Instead of having the human skull in place of the 'e', I chose to keep it the same as all the other letters, so that the 'f' was the subtle grab of attention for the logo. I then added the tagline under the logo saying in blood: "Something Wicked This Way Comes!"

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