Wednesday, April 3, 2013

... The Other Guy's an Extra

You know how in scary movies when bad things start happening to the characters, the 'jock' or 'ringleader' suggests that they should 'spread out' to find out what's up, but in the end, most of them end up dead because of that poor choice? Safety in numbers my friend. Anyway, one of the scariest things to happen in a spook alley is if it is happening to the person next to you! So why not add an extra person to the crowd that will add more suspense to Shakesfeare.

Now with this idea, I want to introduce something new to this event. Obviously having scary characters in the event will make people afraid--- but what about having a random extra in the tour group be in danger while the tour is going? What I want to do is have an extra random person be in the tour group that appears to be normal to the others, but in reality the "extra" is part of the tour. What will happen is during the tour, the "extra" will be taken by one of the scary Shakesfearean  Characters. This will make the other people in the tour wonder what's going on and start to question if this is part of the tour or is it really happening. People normally tend to get shaken up when something unexpected happens to somebody that was apart of their group.

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