Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Romeo & Juliet: A Plague O' Both Your Houses (????)

Rome & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet:

This idea was a bit difficult. I didn't want to focus on the suicidal tragedy regarding Romeo and Juliet. My friend Eric Ripley suggested that they could be Zombies. I played with this idea for a bit, then after contemplating what Eric said, it made sense. In the original play it had Juliet appear "mostly dead", but to Romeo she wasn't even "slightly alive". Romeo then killed himself soon after Juliet awoke from her deep slumber. She realizes her true love is dead, and decides to end her own life as well.

Now here is Eric Ripley and my horrifying twisted version of what will happen with this ending. Juliet will be presumed dead lying in her death bed, with her head turned away from Romeo. Romeo will come to the foot of her bed and mourn for her. Right when Romeo will attempt to kill himself with a dagger, Juliet opens her soul-less eyes, turns her head towards Romeo, revealing a bloody bite mark on her neck, and bites Romeo in the jugular.
 Maybe it will be kinda like the movie "Warm Bodies"

Romeo(Part of the Shakesfeare tour)- He will be in a fight scene with Tybalt after Tybalt kills Mercutio. At the end of the tour, or during the tour, he will go and see Juliet one last time. Romeo is bitten by Juliet, he then runs away from her and tells the tour group to leave.

Juliet(Part of the Shakesfeare tour)- She will be in her bed as if dead, but in reality she is "undead"! She bites Romeo and tries to eat him and whoever gets in her way.
Now I know that this is out of context and a bit of a stretch, but after Juliet bites Romeo I want her to call out for Romeo(as Romeo is running for his life), "Romeo? Wherefore art thou Romeo?" And she'll be saying it in her own creepy way.

Tybalt(Part of the Shakesfeare tour)- He will be in a knife fight with Mercutio first, he then kills Mercutio and runs from Romeo. He is finally killed by Romeo.

Mercutio(Part of the Shakesfeare tour)- He will be fighting Tybalt, but is later slain by him.

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