Monday, January 14, 2013

The Tempest: Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here(2013)

The Tempest:

After reading this play, I thought that it was going to be hard to make a romantic Shakespeare play into something horrifying. But when I read the detailed description of what the creature Caliban was supposed to look like, I thought it would be awesome! So I went from there.
I saw the movie that was made in 2010, and to be honest... it was terrible! Don't see it, go to the play instead. That's what I did over the Christmas break. I went and saw the play up in the SLC area and I enjoyed it.
What I came up with, was having the tour groups split up into two tour guide groups. One group would go to the  Ariel group(which will cover the Romantic side of Shakespeare)and the other would go to the Caliban group(the Tragedy side of Shakespeare). Both groups will go to different parts of the auditorium. This will make it interesting because once one group has gone to their first assigned tour group, they will want to find out what the other tour group has to offer. Making the people want to come back a second time.

Prospero- A Sorcerer  like character that will be at the end of one of the tours. He will summon the Demon Dogs to scare the people in the tour group out of the building.

Arial(Ariel tour guide #6)- Is a wind spirit that will be in and out in the tour. Ariel will be hard to follow in the tour. In the tunnels below the auditorium we will have Ariel's voice echo one of his/her song that will be altered to sound more creepy. Throughout Ariel's tour group, the tour guides will take the groups to the "Romantic Side" of Shakespeare. At the end of Ariel's tour, Ariel will appear as a black harpy scaring the "Ariel Tour Guides".

Ferdinand(Ariel tour guide #1)- He will appear lost and hear Ariel's voice and ask the tour group to follow him. Ferdinand leads the group until he is distracted by Miranda.

Miranda(part of Areil's tour)- Ferdinand's distraction. Self explanatory. She will lead Ferdinand away from the tour group, and the group have to follow the next tour guide.

After Ferdinand leaves the group. The Ariel tour group will follow the listed characters below, the rest of the way to meet Ariel as a harpy.

Alonso(Ariel tour guide #2)
Gonzalo(Ariel tour guide #3)
Sebastian(Ariel tour guide #4)
Antonio(Ariel tour guide #5)

Caliban(Caliban tour guide # 3)- He will look like a mixture of Swamp Thing and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Caliban's tour group will be touring the "Tragedy Side" of Shakespeare. The tour will end with Prospero sending out Demon Dogs to chase the "Caliban Tour Guides".

These are some sketches that I've done for Caliban and what I think he should look like:

Trinculo(Caliban tour guide #1)- He will be leading the group as a dumb drunk, and will end up finding Caliban after hearing a thunder storm closing in. He uses Caliban as shelter.

Stephano(Caliban tour guide #2)- Will soon after join Trinculo and Caliban to lead the rest of the tour to the end.

Demon Dogs-We will have about 3, and they will be driving the Caliban tour group out of the building.

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