Friday, January 11, 2013

Hamlet: There is Something Rotten in the State of Denmark (2012)



Hamlet- is a Serial Killer that kills the tour guides. This actually helped out in rotating the tour guides, so that once the tour guide is killed, that person goes back to start another group for the tour.

Ophelia- Is part of the tour. She recites the "Flower Sonnet" and creeps people out by offering a flower to them. She is also suicidal.
"Why don't you take a bath Ophelia, and in the meantime... drown your sorrow."

Gertrude(tour guide)- She starts leading the group into the theatre to see the Shakespeare characters. She later gets poisoned and passes the tour guide responsibilities to Laertes and Horatio.

Laertes(tour guide)- Has a fight scene with Hamlet close to the end of the tour, but is eventually killed by Hamlet leaving Hamlet with a poisoned wound that makes him weak.

Horatio(tour guide)- Is the last tour guide that leads the group to the end of the line

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