Sunday, February 10, 2013

Titus Tarts

From the play Titus Andronicus, there is a scene where Titus has Chiron and Demetrius captive. Because of the terrible dismemberment that Chiron and Demetrius did to Titus' daughter Lavinia, Titus chooses to return a favor by saying:

"... Hark, villains. I shall grind your bones to dust, and with your blood and it I shall make a paste, and of the paste a coffin I will rear and make two pastries of your shameful heads. And bid that strumpet, your unhallowed dam, like to the earth, swallow her own increase! This is the feast I have bid her to, and this the banquet she shall surfeit on... And now prepare your throats."

From this passage, it takes on a whole new meaning for the term "Revenge is sweet!" What I want to try to do for the next season, is have small servings of either strawberry pie with candy in shapes of human body parts in the pies, or have meat pot pies and add red food dye to the sauce. I'm also planning on serving these "Titus Tarts" after the tour... that is if the students have the stomach for it!;)

The person that will be serving these Titus Tarts will be saying certain puns like:

"Would you like [PIES] with that?"
"How's this for EYE CANDY?"
"BONE appetit!"
"This is something you could really sink your TEETH into!"
"C'mon, cat got your TONGUE?"
"Prepare to MEAT your doom!"
"LIVER alone!"
"You just got TOE'D!"
"Oh, he's(to the customer) got his(Demetrius or Chiron) EYE on ya!"
"How 'bout a KNUCKLE sandwich?"
"EAR of corn, or EAR of pies?"
"Gotta HAND it to ya. These are great pies!"
"HANDS down these are great pies!"
"Yeah, two THUMBS way up!"
"How 'bout I give you the FINGER!"
"NAILED it!"
"These RIBS are to die for!"
"Dibs on the LIVER!"
"These are FINGER licking good!"
"Made from Demetrius and Chiron themselves!"
"Their BLOOD and SWEAT went into these pies! Literally!"

These puns may be a bit "Tongue-in-cheek" but "Frankly I don't give a HAM!";)

I honestly think that Hannibal Lector and Sweeney Todd were based on Titus Andronicus!

Here is what I'm trying to make the pies look like:

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