Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Shakes-Fear' and How to Cure It!

'Shakes-Fear' and How to Cure It!

When my friends and I first came up with the name "Shakesfeare" I thought this idea is just too good ... it probably has been done before. So I Googled it. To my surprise, there was only a definition for the word "Shakes-Fear"(without the 'e'), and it was just a term used to define one's 'fear' to understand Shakespeare.I was even more surprised that my idea of a haunted theatre with scary characters from Shakespeare plays, hasn't been done before. I decided to jump on the idea!

Now that you know what the definition is, I am hoping that "Shakesfeare" will 'cure' you from your 'Shakes-Fear', even though it will be with a horror aspect!

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