Monday, February 25, 2013

Julius Caeser: Beware the Ides of March! (????) A.D.

Julius Caesar

There is one scene in Julius Caesar where Caesar is betrayed by the men he trusted. All of his close friends gang up on him and stab him multiple times until he eventually dies from the loss of blood.
Caesar will obviously be in Ancient Roman attire, toga and all, so that the people in the tour group can identify not only his era, but who he is in general. None of this modernized adaptions from the Shakespeare plays.
What I want to do with this play is reenact the scene where Caesar's so-called "loyal subjects" decide to get out their daggers and stab him... I'm getting ahead of myself here... Obviously the tour guide will take the group near the stage, where this "Julius Caesar Scene" will take place. 
At firstThe group of men, that plan on murdering Caesar, will be hiding under the theatre seats as the tour group pass them by.
When the group is in front of the stage, they will see Caesar on his throne acting all noble while giving a speech. Then suddenly the men will quietly come out of their hiding places, huddle around Caesar and stab him.

The tour guide will then take the group away from the stage in a nice orderly fashion, but to their surprise Caesar will be running at them all bloodied up from previous knife wounds, screaming frantically till he drops at the feet of the tour group.
When he is prostrated on the ground, he will attempt to grab at the ankles of the tour group, screaming, "Help me! HELP ME!" 
Later Brutus(one of Caesars friends) will come from the darkness, getting ready to pull out a knife from behind. Brutus will then advance towards the fallen Emperor, Caesar will be confused and say, "Et tu Brute?" Brutus finishes the job with one last jab to Caesar's chest, then pulls him away from the tour group.

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