Monday, April 21, 2014

What If Shakespeare Wrote Movies Today? Part 2

Better Off Dead
"I pray thee, make haste o'er yonder! If perchance there be something in thy path, turn thee away!"
"In faith, I feel as if perchance I am consuming pills that doth make my mind go mad!"
The Goonies
"Goonies ne'er breathe 'die'!"
Shaun of the Dead
"Thou hast red upon thee."
"Perchance hath someone ask thee 'if  thou art a god' thou breathest 'yea!'"
"Thou doth slay me, short villain."
Tommy Boy
"Zounds, in sooth my ears bleed from thy fat butter making."
Billy Madison
"Yea, I did not contain my urine within my pantaloons! Resisting in such is new-fangled!"

Snakes on a Plane.
"I cannot endure these forsaken blasphemous serpents on this forsaken blasphemous flying vessel!"

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