Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top Five Shakespearean Men, Woman Should Date

For this week, since it is getting close to Valentine's Day... or Single Awareness Day, I have decided to do Top Five Shakespearean Men, Women Should Date.

 5- Romeo- Romeo and Juliet

He is love struck! He normally falls in love with the first woman he sees. I mean even the Friar was surprised at how fast he got over Rosaline when Romeo professed how much he has fallen for Juliet. He steals a kiss from Juliet after first meeting her, and marries her without hesitation. After Romeo heard rumors about Juliets death he can't live another day without her so he takes his own life in the process.
That's dedication right there, but it is also unwise. He moved as faster as an RM(Return Missionary) fresh out the LDS Mission! Romeo, you're a "lady killer"!
4- Hamlet- Hamlet

 He has trust issues. Ever since his mother remarried so soon after the death of his father his faith dwindles. He is constantly paranoid. He will drive you crazy until you can't take it anymore. He might even go on a killing spree to find out what really happened in his messed up life.Make sure to be on his good side or it will be the end of you. Plus he might be more loyal to his mother than to you. "To be, or not to be"? Not to be!
3-Macbeth- Macbeth

Macbeth is very superstitious, lacks confidence and is quite a push over. I say this because Lady Macbeth pushes him around by convincing him that he can be king just like the witches said he would be. Due to his loyalty in his relationships and trying to please everyone; he tends to be paranoid because he thinks that he will lose what he gained. He also loses sleep over it.
So ladies, "Something wicked this way comes!"

2- Petruchio- The Taming of the Shrew
 Though Petruchio is one of the hardest boyfriend to get along with, He has a variety of qualities that make him second best. He is firm with who he is! He isn't going to be what he's not, and if you don't like that... tough! You will not win this battle! That may sound bad, but allow me to get to the good stuff. Because of his unique qualities, he brings out the worst and also the best out of the opposite sex. With his firm grasp on being an individual, he is comfortable being "him". So if you're going to be with this guy, you must be comfortable being "YOU!"

1- Signor Benedick- Much Ado About Nothing
What's not to like about Benedick!?! He is humorous, witty, he knows what he wants and he enjoys being a bachelor! He practically embraces it! I know, I know! "How can a bachelor be a great boyfriend... he's single!?!" Being single is not all that bad! You don't have a care in the world, you're figuring yourself out, before jumping into a huge ocean of "fish".  You see, Benedick wasn't looking for love, love found him! Love wasn't on his mind at the time. It might have been in the back, but he wasn't desperate enough to put the effort. Instead he lied low until eventually it happened naturally, like all relationships should be like!


 So what do you think... Ladies?!?

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